I believe the next generation of Americans should enjoy the full blessings of Liberty. I want my daughter, as well as all of our children, to inherit an America where she can raise her own family in peace and prosperity, secure in her rights and freedoms.

Unfortunately, the checks and balances woven into the Constitution have been frayed over the past two centuries. Now we’re left with an unchecked concentration of power in Washington and an unbalanced nation. We must renew the promise made in our founding documents, and restore the balance between the government and the American people.

We must find ways, large and small, to shift authority from Congress back to the states, and to the American people. And we need to send people to Washington who want to represent Americans, not control them.

Choose me as your nominee and, together, let’s win in November.  Then we’ll move on to the hard work in Washington.

Tony DeTora

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